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How to Turn Your Bedroom into a Massage Parlor

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

I always wish I could have sex when I am getting a professional massage. My husband and I get couples massages and every time, I get so horny, I want to fuck him on the table when the attendant walks out of the room. (I have to admit I wouldn't mind if the attendant stayed around...) Well, fortunately, professional massage tables are now completely affordable and super convenient for massages and for sex. Ours has a cut-out ring for your face and the padding is excellent. I love laying on it just because it is so comfortable, let alone the pleasure I receive from my husband when I do. Ours is even strong enough for us both to be on top of for deep penetration. It is fabulous for fucking or simply spreading oil all across one's body. It's great because even if you barely know how to spell massage, there is plenty of pleasure that results from dragging oiled fingers across nipples and balls or lips and tits. And the best part is that you can turn your bedroom into a full-blown "massage parlor" - with candles or lamps or music or scents or other sounds from nature. You can use your bedroom or transform the guest room to make it feel like you are really somewhere else. We use black lights and white sheets on the massage table. I dress in white underwear and so does she - until I ask her to remove it of course - in my most elegant masseuse-voice. Check out these tables here. They are quality and affordable.

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