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You Better Be Waxing

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

If you are a woman and you are not waxing, shame on you. It's all about sex and romance. It's also the 21st century! As I hope you have noticed, there are wax places on every corner - for a reason. That reason is that everyone is doing it and the demand is through the roof. It makes your pussy smooth and you will feel wildly sexy. And if you like your man to go down on you, trust me - he will devour you. And if you have never been into receiving oral, it may have been linked to your jungle down there. Hair traps body odor and sweat but smooth slits can be downright fragrant. As for the male side of the house - men should be waxing too. Unless your girl says she likes a furry bear, then get that back and chest in shape. Couples need to reciprocate. One thing I love to do is trim my wife's waxed pussy after she returns home from the waxing salon. I love to leave just a little landing strip. Even if there is not much to trim, it's still a sexy ritual we love. I put shave cream or condition on her and smooth it all around. If you are afraid of cutting your girl, then take off the blade! Seriously - just have fun stroking away the shave cream. It's like a scratch and win game. Stroke by stroke your reveal your prize and she will love the sensation it creates while watching you attend to her down there. Sometimes my wife goes all bare, but we still play the game. Sometimes I use my electric razor that of course buzzes and vibrates. After a while trimming her, I just hold it against her mound until she howls like an animal or begs me to fuck her. She absolutely loves my touch against her smooth snatch. I do it every single month, rain or shine. We both look forward to it. It's just like getting her nails done. It's what she does. Sure it hurts for a minute, but the pleasure we both get afterward is definitely worth it.

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I totally agree. I love this site!

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