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Why You Should Buy Stripper Clothes

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

If you want a relationship full of hot, erotic sex (with plenty of romance), then trashy clothes have to be on your shopping list. Super sexy clothes are one of my weaknesses, I admit. I love searching the internet for precisely what will look smoking hot on my girl. Fortunately, the internet if full of ridiculously sexy (and inexpensive) clothes. They are often listed under club wear or you can also just search for "stripper clothes". Unless you are planning to wear them outside of your home, I suggest you buy the inexpensive options that you can tear off your lover or cut holes in strategic places holes. Plus, you can get them dirty with your mutual juices. While a lot of women react with disgust over such trashy looking fashions, they fail to understand that they are a super-turn on for most men. They don't want to marry someone who looks like a hooker - but they'd love to fuck them every night of the week. Super sexy clothes are fabulous for the bedroom and even to prance around the house in. If you have kids, then wait for a sleepover and then greet your man at the front door looking like a prostitute. Get some fishnet stockings and over-the-knee boots ($34) on Amazon

and then get some super short shorts (search yoga shorts or stripper shorts)

and something super revealing up top. Or go for a super tight top that makes your nipples pop or even just a tiny t-shirt. Whatever you feel comfortable in. The fun part is that you are not striving for model perfection. Remember that hookers don't look like models, so don't worry if you have a bulge here or there or your cellulite shows a bit. He's going to be turned on by your attitude. Attitude is what you are selling and that is always the hottest and rarest commodity. A lot of skinny models don't have a sexy attitude. They might demonstrate a style of bikini just fine, but they don't make you want to rip it off them. Those that do - have attitude. And even if you don't think you can conjure up some sexy persona or alter ego - don't worry! You will be amazed at how easy it will be to get into character when you see how quickly your man gets aroused. You are going to love how you make him feel. It's going to give you power - so use it. Enjoy it. Play along and don't be self conscious. That will kill the mood and his sex-buzz. My wife recently sat at the dining room table with her legs up on the table when I walked in from work. The kids were not at home and she was wearing silver stilettos, a thong and a chain-mail, metallic top.

That's it. I dropped my briefcase and ravaged her on top of the kitchen table.

Ladies: Please trust me - and try it. Get over your fears of looking silly or acting foolish. If that's your hang up - then your fears are misguided. If you are unwilling to be your man's fantasy - then you should instead be afraid of his potential porn addiction that will likely meet his needs. He's going to 'get fed' somewhere, so please make sure he's feeding on YOU.

Plus - if you are tired of your man coming home, flopping down on the couch and turning on the sports channel - this is the surest fix. Give it a shot and let Dr. Frisky know how it goes...


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