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Don't Wait For Halloween

I love dressing up. I think it is because it helps me take a break from my normal life. It transports me from my typical suit or pair of blue jeans into someone else just by putting on some other clothes. One year, I dressed up as a police man and suddenly I had a natural excuse to put handcuffs on my wife and tell her to spread her legs so I could search her. Sure I can cuff her any day of the week, but all dressed up with my mirrored glasses on and my badge, made me feel powerful and playful. I could play the role much easier. Of course that's why I like to dress up like a handyman or plumber and ring the doorbell. I dress up like a doctor and meet my wife in our bedroom "exam room". But Halloween is different because I get to take the role play out on the streets. I get to enjoy a bit of exhibitionism. I get to wear my firefighter suspenders in public and see people's reactions. I also get to see their reactions to my scantily clad wife. It is a turn on that I only get to see once a year. Sure I see admiring looks every time we go on a date because she is naturally beautiful and wears sexy - yet classy - clothes. Men always look and it's fun for me because she only flirts with me. (If she reciprocated their horny gazes, that would be a problem). But on Halloween, people are in disguise. They all have an excuse to show a little more skin (or a lot more) in public than they typically would. Even if they wanted to wear a Playboy bunny bodysuit with stockings out to dinner, there's simply no venue that would allow it. Not many bars or restaurants would let someone sit down who is wearing a revealing nurses uniform or a saucy pirate petticoat. So Halloween is a time to revert to make-believe. It is a time for men and women to be kids again, with pent-up hormones of an adolescence mixed with scandalous clothes. They can drink and flirt and fondle in public. Heck - I once witnessed people fully fucking beneath their flowing Arabian robes at one Halloween party I attended. Just about anything goes when you have masks and paint and costumes to shield or transform your identity. Use this Halloween to be a little racy and turn each other on! It only happens once a year! Check out or

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