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How strip clubs can help wives and girlfriends

Please note - I'm not saying strip clubs help the strippers. Most strippers are ravaged by sexual trauma, trafficking or addictions. I would never recommend that a woman actually become a stripper. Rather they help the females that go there.

First of all, strip clubs are not going out of business any time soon and there is one reason why. Seduction.

That is what they are all about. That's why they exist. I mean, men are not going to part with their hard earned cash simply to see a naked woman. That's not it at all. Men can watch women strip for them or pose for them online. Porn is more abundant than ever in history and while porn may allow a man to ejaculate - the strip club taps into another part of the brain. It is the tease. It is the reveal. It is the dance and the grind and the physical proximity. Woman at strip clubs don't walk around naked. They have sexy lingerie on and they only take it off for a short time while someone is paying. As soon as the dance is over, the curtain comes down. The lingerie returns - covering up the private parts and the seduction begins all over again. Even if a man has watched a woman across the room stripping for other men - he wants to watch her again and again.... take it off.

This is extremely good news for wives or girlfriends.

The first amazing benefit of strip clubs for women - is that they will discover that strippers are not perfect 10s. They come in all shapes and sizes. They have big tits and small boobs. The have cellulite and their teeth are not perfect. But, what they all have in common is seduction. They know how to dress - how to walk - how to paint their nails and wear makeup. They paint nails and wear beautiful, sexy lingerie. The great news is that all of these things are easily achieved. In fact, a woman can come home with french nails - or blood red nails. She can have long, fake nails, wear completely crazy eye shadow or even get her eyebrows waxed. From here - the art of seduction has already begun. She is already half way there.

Then comes the dance. The tease. The mystery that every stripper possesses. She is focused on her target and she is interested in him. A man loves a woman who wants him - focuses on him - and is interested in him, even if he knows that it is all a ruse to get his wallet.

The significant benefit of a wife-stripper is that her husband knows that she is actually interested in him - actually focused on him and likely already has access to his wallet. This gives her a big advantage. From here - she can take pole-dancing classes - regular dance classes - or simply practice in front of the mirror with a glass of wine - a few shots or a martini to loosen up her hips.

Of course for some men - part of the attraction is variety. Yet, while strip club feature many different women, most men typically have a certain "type" that they like and any woman who is already married to - or dating - must embrace the fact that they are already his "type". Therefore, adding small adjustments can suddenly add significant variety for their man.

Case in point - my wife wears wigs - puts on glasses - wears combat boots or high heels and even uses multiple names. Madame Midnight can be a full on dominatrix, while Skyler can be a sultry prostitute who will do anything you want. Mindy wears a wig and is a little librarian whore who needs to be coaxed out of her long pencil skirt. There is not limit to the personas that are easily concocted.

And then of course there is the clothing. Women should go to the strip club and take note of the various lingerie, swimsuits, heels and straps that adorn strippers. Women should not wait for their man to buy them lingerie because it may not fit. It may not flatter. Strippers buy different outfits and they see which ones work best with their customers. So should wives and girlfriends. They can go to thousands of online "stripper clothing" sites or visit dozens of stripper/lingerie stores in their town. They should buy what works for them and makes them feel sexy. No man in a strip club complains about the clothing choices of their stripper. It is merely a curtain. Merely a veil that hides what is underneath — before it slowly comes off in a sultry, seductive dance. No stripper just "strips down" in front of a patron. They shake their hips, their asses and their tits. They grind and bend over and drive their customers crazy. That is the art - of - seduction. And there are inexpensive lessons given every night in strip clubs everywhere.

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